Content Creators Wanted

Want to write for HIPHOPOHOLIC?

It’s been a while, fam. My sincerest apologies.

After some self-reflection, I’ve decided to open up HIPHOPOHOLIC to any interested hip-hop heads at Baruch College, and later to the public. As for right now, I want opinions, reviews, critiques, analytics, freestyles, and all that good good that’s been on ya mind to show the interwebs.

What are the requirements?

Access to internet or carrier pigeon. Slightest interest in rap music. (Unless you’re an Iggy fan.) (Just kidding; if you really like her then tell us why.)

What can I write about?

Anything about hip-hop and rap: who your favorite rapper is, deciphering a particular song, reviewing a recent mixtape or album, where you think Tupac is hiding, etc.

I have something written, how can I post it?

Email me at with the subject “HIP HOP” if interested. I will post it and give you credit.


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